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420 words Time line of events in Kosciuszko's life with both dates and his age at the time these took place. His stays in America are singled out.
15 visuals An annotated gallery of Kosciuszko monuments in both Poland and the U,S.
6 portraits An annotated gallery of Kosciuszko portraits.
3 paintings An annotated gallery of historical paintings portraing pivotal events in Kosciuszko's life
930 words A short essay about a defining moment in Polish history.
3,150 words An account of Kosciuszko's American and Polish military campaigns with section devoted to: Philadelphia, Fort Ticonderoga, the Battle of Saratoga, his Fortification of West Point, his Return to Poland, the Battle of Dubienka, the Kosciuszko Uprising, the Battle of Raclawice, and the Battle of Maciejowice.
980 words An essay penned on the occasion of New York State American Revolution Bicentennial
6,390 words Albert Cizauskas' biographical essay published in Lituanus - The Lithuanian Quarterly Journal of Arts and Sciences: - Kosciuszko's character, his thwarted romance, his career as a successful sevolutionary on two continents, his leadership of the March 1794 insurrection, the world celebrity status he attained, his dealings with Napoleon and Czar Alexander, and his final years.
3,800 words The en.wikipedia's entry for Kościuszko: Early life, France, First return, Dresden and Paris, American Revolution, Poland again, Defense of Constitution, Emigré, Kosciuszko Uprising, Later life.
9 webpages
3,980 words,
3 visuals
Webpages, distracted by popups, feature: 1. Introduction; 2: Early Life; 3: Road to Saratoga; 4: West Point & Victory; 5: Peace, War & Exile; 6: Rebellion & Raclawice; 7: Warsaw & Defeat; 8: Final Years; 9: Timeline
2,010 words Alex Storozynski's Thaddeus Kosciuszko and the Age of Revolution website with sections addressing: - Who Was Thaddeus Kosciuszko? - It depends who you ask, and - .Kosciuszko's Friends and Foes.
3,400 words
4 visuals
A military biography reprinted from The Military Order of the World Wars, Officer Review, July 1978
790 words
2 visuals
A biographical sketch of the man who became a symbol of alliance between countries so distant in space yet so close in their love of freedom: Poland and the United States of America.
530 words The story of a gift of a cloak from Kosciuszko to Jefferson which was emblematic of their friendship and shared ideals of individual liberty and national self-determination.
840 words
1 visual
The website, a stop on a Virtual Tour of Historic Philadelphia, features an essay that deals with both Kosciuszko's role in the American Revolutionary War and his residence in Philadelphia.
170 words
1 visual.
National Park Service's page pertaining to the red brick home of Thaddeus Kosciuszko in Philadelphia now maintained as a National Memorial by the Park Service
388 words
1 visual
A short military biography of the general particularly with respect ot his service during the American Wars of Independence.
1,615 words An Australian webpage of the Mt. Kosciuszko Association, so named since tMt. Kosciuszko is the name of Australia's highest peak. Also a number of related webpages
1,020 words
2 images
Biography of the Revolutionary Wars figure edited from Appletons Encyclopedia
710 words An account of the military ceremonies at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point honoring Thaddeus Kosciuszko's 259th birthday
80 words A webpage of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point with an illustration and notes regarding the Academy's Kosciuszko Monument
340 words
2 photos
Webpage devoted to Theo Ruggles Kitson and her sculpture of Kosciuszko.
14 webpages Website of park named in honor of Kosciuszko in the State of New South Wales, Australia.
475 words A presentation of the Cyclorama created in in Lvov in 1894 portraying the Battle of Raclawice. Currenly the 114 by 15 meter painting is exhibited in a retunda built for it in Wroclaw.
810 words
The Cyclorama's website. Features a revolving picture of the painting, 15 meter high 114 meters in circumference, of the battle in which Kosciuszko defeated a superior Russian force with the aid of peasant units. The battle marked the start of the 1794 insurrection.
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