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500 words Notes on the Pact signed in August 1939, the secret agenda of which was a joint aggression and partition of Poland
11,600 words I British Attitudes toward Germany in the Aftermath of Munich;
II Polish-German Relations, October 1938 - January 1939;
III Toward the British Guarantee of Poland;
V The Path to War: From the end of March to August 1939;
VI The German Attack on Poland and the Outbreak of World War II;
VII The Soviet attack on Poland;
VIII Polish Defeat
7,830 words Soviet-Anglo-Franco and Soviet-German negotiations;
The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and its secret protocol;
Implementing the division of Eastern Europe;
Soviet-German relations during the Pact's operation;
Hitler breaks the Pact;
8,700 words Prelude to the campaign;
Opposing forces;
Order of battle;
Details of the campaign
2,100 words A chronology of the events leading up to WWII and subsequent to its start.
29,700 words Polish campaign
2,825 words An accounting of the first campaign of WWII and the military status quo at its start
2,050 words Preliminary Moves, War Plans, The Armies, The Campaign, The Soviet Invasion
2,500 words Page devpted primarily to the air war during the September '39 campaing and the Polish and German Air Forces.
2,710 words An article about the various international dyplomatic and militrary moves and developments that took place in the Fall of 1939 and were occasioned by the German and then Soviet invasions of Poland. The article, based on Dziewanowski's 1991 book War at Any Price. A History of World War II, 1939-1945 does not deal with the September '39 campaign as such.
8,300 words An personal account of the was and other events of the Fall of 1939 as experienced by a youngster living in the far southeastern region of Poland; the first chapter of Topolski's 2001 book Withoutvodka
2,000 words An article by a Polish Army veteran. The first half is devoted to the events of 1939 in Poland, the rest to the contributions of the Polish Armed forces to the Allied war effort in the period 1940-45
705 words Discussion of the September campaing, a gallery of 18 images and companion pages regarding contemporary events in Europe.
2,760 words Discussion of the Polish Navy's activities and battles during WWII
1,220 words Discussion of feature film made in 1959 in an evocation of fate of a troop of Polish lancers in the September 1939 campaign.
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