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9,500 words An excellent overview which provides information about Poland's political and legal system, the classification of offences, the roles of victims in persecution, sentencing, restitution and compensation, the police, its administration, resources, discretion and accountability, about the prosecutorial and judicial process (rights of the accused, pre-trial incarceration conditions), the judicial system, its administration, special courts and judges, penalties and sentencing, prisons, extradition and treaties.
3,000 words Sources of Polish Law (Constitution, Statutes, Treaties, Regulations), Local law, The Court system (Supreme Court, Constitutional Tribunal), Parliament (Sejm, Senate), President, Government, Ombudsman, etc., a 2005 guide.
465 words
55 links
The Law Library of Congress Research Help: Constitution, Executive, Judicial, Legislative, Legal Guides, General Sources
2,910 words A slightly dated (2005) descriptions of Civil Law and Commercial Code as well as discussion of the Protection of Industrial Property (Law and Regulations, Patents, Designs, Patterns, Trademarks), Ownership and Leasing of Land, Companies with Foreign Participation, and Permits
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