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Radom - a Tale of Two Cities

Radom is a city with a rich industrial tradition and a well-developed infrastructure. Local industry is particularly advanced in electrical engineering and there is a concentration of textile enterprises around the Łucznik factory, which produces for both the military and civilian markets.

"To ensure the modernity of these enterprises, Radom has various engineering schools and a Polytechnic which produces experts in many areas, " says Adam Włodarczyk, the City's Mayor.
The city lies in the southern part of the Warsaw voivodeship near the Mlecza River. Spread over 112 square kilometres, it has a population of 233,000. During medieval times the town was on the main trading route connecting Lithuania and Russia with Małopolska and Silesia. Today this strategic location remains important as five national roads pass through the city, which means it still is a key place on the east-west trade route.
The French company Seita is well known in Radom for its operations at the local tobacco factory, which employs 1,400. Radom is also well-known for its small arms factories, and could be likened to Birmingham in England not so long ago.
The highly qualified and motivated workforce makes the city a good place for investors, both foreign and domestic. Greenfield sites with a highly developed infrastructure with good communications are extra attractions. Local authorities are accustomed to working with foreign capital, providing investors with active help as well as a warm welcome.
Radom is also an important academic centre, with institutes of higher learning such as the Higher School of Finance and Banking and Private Environmental Protection School helping to create a cadre of skilled managers and directors for the whole region.
There is also a plentiful supply of natural resources, such as lime and marl, which are exploited on an industrial scale for the construction industry around Wierzbica and Iłża. Food processing, leather and shoe production and the chemical industry play significant roles here. Among the best-known companies are the Berta Glass Factory in Jedliński and the clothes factory in Pionki.
Bur industry does not dominate the region, and nature still plays a key role. The Kozienicki Forest and Iłzeński Woods are attractive in their own right for their natural scenic beauty, and the construction of a new reservoir in Domaniów will create a large new recreational area for both locals and foreign tourists alike.
The surrounding countryside has many museums. In the south there is the Radom Rural Museum with an ethnographic skansen park spread over a wide area. In the village of Orońsko the local manor house is home to the Polish Crafts Association and a permanent exhibition of crafts dating back centuries.
One of the biggest regional attractions is in the town of Szydłów. This is a historic town with a late gothic parish church, a late renaissance town hall and a castle in which the Folk Instruments Museum is located. In the eastern part of the town is an old Jewish cemetery dating back to the turn of the 18th century.
But while remembering the past, Radom is also looking to the future. To attract investors and speed up economic growth regional, the authorities have created the Radom Economic Zone, which is made up of three sub-zones:
- The Northern Zone, covering 260 hectares, offers excellent infrastructure for advanced technology investors in computing, electronics, automation and producers of radio and telecommunications equipment.
- The Southern Zone, around the Combined Heat and Power Station, covering 180 hectares, will specialise in developing modern construction materials, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. There are plans to build a special technology transfer centre here.
- The Eastern Sector, or the Sadków Airport, will be a forwarding and transport depot, complete with warehouses, bonded warehouses and a customs centre.

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