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940 words The coastal plain. lake region, central lowlands, Little Poland uplands, the Sudeten, the Carpathians, and the climate.
px map
Map of Poland identifying mountain rnages, rivers and central lowlands
10 links Links to listings of Polands various landforms: Bays, Caves, Hills, Islands, Lakes, Mountains and Mountain ranges, Peninsulas, Rivers , Springs, and Valleys and, in turn, descriptions of those listed.
2,345 words Website describes Poland's geomorphic regions, thus the Carpathian Mountains, the Subcarpathian Basins, the Old Mountains and Plateaus and the Great European Plain. It also discusses the changes brought to Poland's population, industrial potential, geographical position, and boundries by WWII. Written evidently before 1990, i.e before the breakup of the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, it anachronistically states that Poland borders on only three countries - though in fact it currently borders on seven.
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