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Krystian Lupa
3,510 words A Mickiewicz Institute's profile of the renowned theatre director and scenery designer
Krystian Lupa: The Double and Utopia
2,975 words Article provides a biographical time line and discusses Lupa’s vision of the theatre as a place for dissecting reality to make palpable and visible that which can only be sensed intuitively.
Poland's Old and New Masters
6,000 words Article by Tom Sellar in Theater 33.3 (2003) 2-19 with seven photos of Lupa's productions. The article discusses Lupa as someone who has absorbed the legacy of Tadeusz Kantor and analyzes his approach to the stage.
His arduous road to Chekhov
1,305 words Article from The Boston Globe discussing Lupa's history in the theater, his upcoming production of Chekhov's Three Sisters, and his approach to that production.
1,445 words Gideon Lester introduces the theatre of Krystian Lupa in anticipation of Lupa's staging of the American Repetitory Theater's production of Chehkov's Threee Sisters
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