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33 links Web Site of the Warsaw based Frederic Chopin Society which, for over 60 years, has been collecting Chopiniana and promoting knowledge about the composer and his works. The site provides a general outline biography, an iconography, a brief monographic outline of the music, an essay on the shaping of the Chopin tradition, information about the Federic Chopin International Piano Competitions in Warsaw (past and present), and an extensive four part tour of the Chopin Museum in Warsaw and a gallery of 64 images.
1,340 webpages Webpages of InfoChopin (International Chopin Information Centre) created to gather and update information from all over the world about Chopin-related events, places, organizations and people. Website has a 600 word biography
195 webpages Excellent Chopin website, winner of many awards. Much information, viz.: complete music with analysis, recording, sheet music, quizzes, contests, listings of pianists, forum ...
80 webpages The Foundation's principal webpage features Upcoming Events, National and International Chopin Competitions, Publications, Scholarships and Regional Councils. The Foundation website also houses a number of additonal webpages among them the following:
many Midi and Live Rec A page of midi archives devoted to Chopin. Page provides access to midi files and live recordings of Chopin compositions which one can play on one's computer. Also to a biography of 1,175 words.
240 midi recordings A page of midi archives devoted to Chopin. Page provides access to midi files and live recordings of Chopin compositions which one can play on one's computer. Also to a biography of 520 words.
40 webpages
over 200 midis
Links to other Chopin and Classical music sites; Chopin Gallery; List of all Chopin works; An essay on Chopin; recommended Chopin recordings; Chopin as Pianist and Teacher - thoughts from one of his pupils; Quotes from Chopin himself; Accounts of Chopin in performance by his contemporaries; Chopin book reviews, biographies, recommended reading, reference, etc.; A personal description of each of Chopin's styles of composition.
10,290 words Wikipedia's article about Chopin
16 webpage Subtitlted "Where everything is Chopin" the website offers a variety of infomration about the composer, including a biography, complete list of works, chronology, stories about the composer, etc.
1,645 words
240 word biography, 140 word list of key works, 250 words of Chopin quotations, 7 suggested recordings (475 words), 4 reccommended readings (440 words), and a chronology (120 words)
one website The Society organizes an annual Luncheon and Concert Gala. It also organizes a bi-annual Chopin Youth Competition and, in alternate years, a bi-annual a Polish Music Festival.
14 webpages Website dedicated to Chopin's life-long friend, copyist, and editor who himself was a composer and pianist of some note. Website features a biography, bibliography, and a listing of his compositions.
160 words
7 photos
Visual tour of Chopin's birthplace by way of annotated photographs
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