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Polish Studies at University of Kansas

The Institution

Founded in 1864, the main KU campus consists of 950 acres a top historic Mount Oread in Lawrence, Kansas. KU serves as a major comprehensive research and teaching institution as well as a center for learning, scholarship, and creative endeavor.

Polish Language Instruction

PLSH 108
Polish - Elementary Polish II ( 5 / U ) Spring 2009
Second semester. A continuation of PLSH 104. Prerequisite: PLSH 104.
LEC Vassileva-Karagyozova,Svetlana

PLSH 208
Polish - Intermediate Polish II ( 3 / U ) Spring 2009
A continuation of PLSH 204. Prerequisite: PLSH 204.
LEC Vassileva-Karagyozova,Svetlana

PLSH 508
Polish - Advanced Polish II ( 3 / H / W ) Spring 2009
A practical Polish language course involving advanced study of the grammar, reading of texts on a variety of subjects, conversation, and composition. Taught in Polish. Designed for students who have had two and one-half or more years of Polish. Prerequisite: PLSH 504 or equivalent.
LEC Vassileva-Karagyozova,Svetlana


Vassileva-Karagyozova, Svetlana Assistant Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures@
Ph.D., Sofia University “Saint Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria SCHOLARLY INTERESTS
  • Communism in the 20th and 21st century West Slavic prose, post-1989 West Slavic Bildungsroman, memory studies, Slavic literary Baroque
  • Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Polish
Cienciala, Anna Professor Emerita of History and Russian and East European Studies, Kansas University @
Ph.D., University of Indiana, 1962
Phone: (785) 864-3569 / Fax: ...... / E-Mail: hanka "at" ku dot edu
MAJOR INTERESTS: European Diplomatic History with emphasis on Poland, 1914-45; Modern Poland.
  • Katyn: A Crime Without Punishment, 2008 ed. with Wojciech Materski and Natalia S. Lebedeva, New Heaven, 2008
  • Poland and the Western Powers, 1938-1939. A Study in the Interdependence of Eastern and Western Europe, with Titus Komarnicki, London, Toronto, 1968
  • From Versailles to Locarno. Keys to Polish Foreign Policy, 1919-1925, ed. with Headlam-Morley J. W., Lawrence, KS., 1984;
  • A Memoir of the Paris Peace Conference, 1919, London, 1972
  • "The Munich Crisis of 1938: Plans and Strategy in Warsaw in the Context of the Western Appeasement of Germany," in Lukas and Goldstein, eds., The Munich Crisis, 1938. Prelude to World War II (Frank Cass: London, 1999)
Herron, Eric S. Associate Professor of Political Science @
Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2000
MAJOR INTERESTS: Comparative Politics, Elections and Political Parties, Politics of Post-Communist States
  • "Eric Herron's Guide to Politics in East Central Europe and Eurasia: Poland" @ - site provides over 300 annotated links to to Polish governmental structure, actions and policies, as well as non-governmental organizations and institutes. Also to Poland's political parties, specific regions, online Polish newspapers, journals, publications and information, as well as to searchable sites with information pertinent to Poland.
Lesnikowski, Wojciech Don Hatch Distinguished Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, University of Kansas @
M.Arch., Technical University of Krakow, 1961
Phone: (785) 864-3192 / Fax: (785) 864-5185 / E-Mail: acdesign "at" ku dot edu
MAJOR INTERESTS: Architecture of Central Europe
  • East European Modernism: Architecture in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland between the Wars, 1919-1939. ed., New York: Rizzoli, 1996.
  • National Cathedral in Warsaw in Archivolta, Krakow, Poland, Jan. 2001
  • Design of the Frederic Chopin International Airport of Warsaw (in association with the HNTB Corporation of Kansas City, Stefan Kurylowicz of Warsaw, Bouygues Corporation of Paris, and ARUP Corporation of London)
Maurer, Jadwiga Professor Emerita of Polish Language and Literature, University of Kanasas @
Ph.D., University of Munich
Phone: (785) 864-2347 / Fax: ...... / E-Mail:.....
MAJOR INTERESTS: Polish Studies; the relationship of Adam Mickiewicz to the world of the Jews.
  • Sobowtóry Kielce, Scriptum, 2002.
  • "Z matki obcej ...": szkice o powi±zaniach Mickiewicza ze ¶wiatem żydów (Of a Foreign Mother born: Adam Mickiewicz's Ties to the World of the Jews), London, Polska Fundacja Kulturalna, 1990
  • Podróż na Wybrzeże Dalmacji. London, Oficyna Poetów i Malarzy, 1982
  • Liga ocalałych. London, Polska Fundacja Kulturalna, 1970
    • Winner the Literary Prize for the best book published in Polish by a Polish emigre writer. Awarded by Wiadomo¶ci a London based journal.
  • "Preface." in Studies in Language, Literature, and Cultural Mythology in Poland: Investigating "The Other." Grossman, E.M., ed. Lewiston: Edwin Mellen Press, 2002.
  • "Jak mnie nie stanie, nikt tego nie zrozumie." Lithuania: Kwartalnik Poswięcony Problemom Europy ¦rodkowo-Wschodniej 3-4: 60-73, (1996)
  • "The Omission of Jewish Topics in Mickiewicz Scholarship." Polin 5: 184-92, (1990)
Wood, Nathaniel D. Assistant Professor of East European History @
  • 19 th and 20 th-Cent. Eastern Europe, Poland, modern Europe, urban and cultural history, the popular press
  • "Becoming a 'Great City': Metropolitan Imaginations and Apprehensions in Cracow's Popular Press, 1900–1914" in Austrian History Yearbook vol 33. 2002 pp 105-130
  • "Urban Self-Identification in East Central Europe Before the Great War: The Case of Cracow" in East Central Europe/ECE, vol. 33, 2006, part 1-2, pp. 11-31
  • Jewish Life in Cracow, 1918–1939: Building Our Own Home by.Martin, Sean. in Austrian History Yearbook vol 38. 2007 p 271

META-FACULTY - Faculty who have studied and/or taught at Polish institutions of higher education

Grzymala-Busse, Jerzy Professor of of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. @
Ph. D., Technical University of Poznan, 1969
D. Hab., Technical University of Warsaw, 1972
Phone: (785) 864-4488 / Fax: (785) 864-3226 / E-Mail: jerzy "at" ku dot edu
MAJOR INTERESTS: Data mining, knowledge discovery, machine learning, expert systems, reasoning under uncertainty, rough set theory.
Kuczera, Krzysztof Professor of Chemistry and of Molecular Biosciences. @
Ph.D., Polish Academy of Sciences, 1985
Phone:(785) 864-5060 / Fax: (785) 864-5396 / E-Mail: kkuczera "at" ku dot edu
MAJOR INTERESTS: Physical and theoretical chemistry: molecular dynamics simulations, statistical mechanics, quantum chemistry of biological molecules.
Pasik-Duncan, Bozenna Professor, Mathematics Department, University of Kansas @ @
Ph.D., Warsaw School of Economics, 1978
Phone: (785) 864-5162 / Fax: . . . / E-Mail: bozenna "at" math dot ku dot edu
MAJOR INTERESTS: Stochastic processes, stochastic adaptive control, stochastic theory, mathematical statistics, the relation between statistics and control theory, mathematics of finance, manufacturing systems control in telecommunication, epilepsy and mathematics education.

Poland-related Resources

  • Polish Collections of the University of Kansas Libraries: In addition to the core Polish collection of some 45,000 volumes, KU Libraries also hold several important special collections of 16th century Polonica, Polish World War II materials, and Polish emigre literature. The collections remain a major North American resource for the study of Polish history, literature, language, and culture. The collections are an especially valuable resource for the study of Poland since World War II, a period in which Poland has played a significant role in European affairs. The collections have served scholars well in the past four decades.@

  • Poland Links "Eric Herron's Guide to Politics in East Central Europe and Eurasia: Poland:" A site that provides over 300 annotated links to Polish governmental structure, actions and policies, as well as non-governmental organizations and institutes. Also to Poland's political parties, specific regions, online Polish newspapers, journals, publications and information, as well as to searchable sites with information pertinent to Poland. @

  • Polish Resource Center: Website which provides information about Polish Studies faculty, courses, and the Summer Study Abroad Program @

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