Zagajewski, Adam
The leading poet of the "Generation of '68," or New Wave (Nowa Fala), Zagajewski was an active dissident during the 1970s and some of his poems and essays are immersed in political themes. He has been widely recognized and published in Polish, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, German, Swedish, and Greek. His books include A Thin Line, The Perfect Pitch, Another Beauty, Canvas, Tremor: Selected Poems, Two Cities, and Mysticism for Beginners.

Zagajewski, who holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from Jagellionian University in Krakow, Poland, has won numerous awards, including a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation award, a MacDowell Colony Prize Fellowship, and an Echoing Green Foundation Prize. Since 1988, he has been visiting associate professor of English in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Houston, where he teaches graduate classes in poetry and literature every spring. He also is co-editor of Zeszyty Literackie (Literary Review), a Polish literary journal.


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